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I have been using wordpress for a few years now. But have been off the blogging scene a few years and just trying to get back in on it. If you are looking for the typical canned ideas you won’t find them here on this blog. Many of the posts are about random things I like to write about then I go in-debt more on other topics..

I don’t want to say much more about myself so why not see what the categories are about. You can always get to know me on my Twitter account or the Facebook page and my Reddit r/makeitmore.

Apps and Software

These are apps and software that I either use or have used to get tasks done. Most of the apps and software I post about here is open source and free. The apps are also free with limited advertising or none. These rely much on donations to fund them so if you found an app or software here on this blog. Then try donate to the developers


You could read about anything on this blog category. Posts tagged blog vary and are quite broad. However I don’t drift too far off topic to define some posts in their own categories. so they are pretty much just general blogging rants or things that came to mind.


Electronics and tech computers in general. Hardware problems and solutions

Lockdown Stuff

Related to being in lockdown. News around lockdowns things to do in lockdown and passing time in lockdown.


Sometimes I write about products on the blog. I can earn a commision but not in all cases. If I am using an affiliate link you will know before you click on it. Most links are just to the product website or support pages help articles.

Search engine optimization

Getting found in Google. Various tools and tips on increasing blog visitors and search traffic for websites. Tools helpful posts and tips.

Websites and blogs

Running a blog or website tools to use tips and tricks about speeding up your website. Website services and website reviews and feedback.


Running a wordpress blog. WordPress plugins and WordPress related questions and answers.