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Make Adsense float left inside posts

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Plugins are not always the best way to insert adsense

WordPress Plugins are Great but sometimes they will put excess load on your server. So sometimes the best way to do things to your Theme is to Manually Insert Code Without the Help of a Plugin by using some basic HTML. In this example, I am Going to Show you How to Put your Adsense code inside a Blog post and Floats to the Left Just Place this Code

Use this code to make AdSense float left inside your blog posts

Just after your Post Title Tags in your Theme <span style=”text-align: right; float: left; width: 300px; margin: 5px;”>code goes here </span>

You will see that the code says 300 this is for the Ad unit 300×250 if you are using another Ad Format just Change the Width this is a much more Tidy way of placing your Ads inside the post and Floating them left or Right note also that the Margin is Defined meaning your Ads will not Cover your Content like Many Adsense Plugings Do.


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