Why Amazing Radio Is Amazing For Devlopers Artists and Listeners

What amazing radio says about the audio streaming service

How I find Amazing Radio Playlists As A Developer

When I started developing a website community for guitarists for co-author Jimmy Fleming and myself. Jimmy had been looking for a way to sell his own music online as he broke up with his record company and was no longer willing to deal with Spotify for ethical reasons. I considered a few WordPress plugins and after much trying and testing I decided to use amazing radio playlists instead. There are a number of reasons for this including the following.

  • Amazing radio is easy to implement with single-track embedding and playlists.
  • The Streaming service for artists is quite cheap and easy to manage
  • The artists can sell their music directly
  • The artist can share their music across multiple websites by just using the embed code
  • Devlopers dont need to install another plugin that will slow down wordpress
  • Great Support
  • Easy to use with social login which helps prodictivity online
  • Easy to discover new music
  • Works on mobile without an app

Putting an amazing radio tune into a WordPress blog post is easy

This was perfect for when we wanted to write the story around one track in particular. It was just a matter of getting the embed code or URL and pasting it into the blog posts where we wanted the tracks or playlists included. Here are instructions to put any amazing radio playlist into a WordPress blog post.

Embedded Example Amazing Radio Playlist

Currently, just the music of Jimmy Fleming and Mick Pini contributed Mick is using Bandcamp which is also easily embeddable. All artists who contribute to guitardoor and have an amazing radio account will be included on this playlist. If you would like to become a contributor just send guitardoor an email from the contact page and put amazing radio in the subject line

Amazing Radio Artist Review

  “With new companies popping up on an almost daily basis claiming to be the answer to your troubles of Distribution as an indie artist It becomes difficult to let your guard down. After working for over 13 years with one of the biggest corporations, who we pioneers of the platform I found year upon year new executives being in charge and the last executives being silenced. The royalty rates going down and the “partner companies” expanding, the policy of a backroom merger being acceptable without informing the 100 thousand artists involved never knowing what was happening until you were told you were bought and sold like Groceries and there was nothing you could do but play the game their way.”

“I finally took a stand and said “No more”. This I knew would leave me with no internet outlet to sell my music. Yet I had to make that move on principle. For a year or longer, I was very suspect of everything and just could not find, anything worth rolling the dice again on. Then I discovered Amazing Radio U.S.A/UK.  This company has a multitude of positive and productive functions. Through not only hosting music and video from an artist. You have to take the time to fully see for yourself all they are about.

Most importantly they are organized, Professional, and…wait for it…HONEST.”

“Yesterday I discovered I had sold music to a Gentleman a week or less ago, then was contacted by the buyer the company had returned his money. We were both a bit perplexed by this. I simply sent an email to the people at Amazing Radio and asked how this could happen. This morning I had a timely reply, which explained there was a typo involved in my info for my email listed and it had created confusion with Paypal.”

“I knew this to be true, as I made the typo myself and it was my own fault. I had corrected it a little late so they had the ability to quickly tell me the problem and that the buyer should now be good to go to repurchase and everything should roll easily. I informed them ..this was all a test to see what they did and how they handled it and they passed with flying colors.” “ It’s very easy to say I am well impressed and I recommend them to anyone.”  Jimmy Fleming from bluegrass guitarist to rock guitarist.