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I cover topics about keeping distance sometime tech, music , software, and mental health topics on Wedensday because it's the most depressing day of the weekfollow.it

Sunset over snow covered mountains I hate dusk

Why I hate Dusk

    Dusk I hate dusk while many like sitting looking at the sunset I am one of those that hate dusktime are here are some of the reasons I can’t stand it when it’s getting dark. Maybe it’s because sunset means the end of day nighttime is around and everything is closing. Now during lockdown it’s even worse I am not… Read More »Why I hate Dusk

    get referrals from friends

    3 Amazing Tips to Get Referrals

      How to get referrals tips for increasing your referrals Getting referrals is not easy here are the top tips to get referrals According to Forbes, referrals is one of the most effective marketing strategies with a 60% acceptance rate. People do business with people they trust; and referrals is a great way to built relationships and trust. This article details… Read More »3 Amazing Tips to Get Referrals