• When to use your Twitter Profile in Blog Comments

    Linking to your Twitter Profile to Avoid being Labeled as a Spammer Leaving comments on other blogs and being labeled as a spammer by people who do not have a good judgment about what exactly a spam comment is and what is not spam is becoming a problem for many bloggers when it comes to […]

  • Using Paid Ads to Get Traffic

    Paying for Advertising Works When someone clicks an Ad they are interested in the product. this is the type of visitors that you need on your website if you are selling products. The majority of search and social traffic bounces because most of the time these visitors are just looking or landed on your page […]

  • Things to Do with a Blog Post to Insure Extra Visitors

    Besides writing a search-friendly or attractive to social media visitors blog post. There are also some small tweaks that we could use to ensure extra visitors to a website. The Article alone is sometimes not enough and making a good description for your blog post to help promote it on social bookmarking sites is also […]

  • The Best Blog Promotion Ideas come when you are offline

    Posting editing your Theme and Promoting your Blog are some of the things that we do when we are online. But just because your Blog is online does not really give you a reason to be online when working on your Blog. Actually, you may be Twice as Productive if you go offline and just […]

  • Reading outside your Niche can it make you a better Blogger?

    We all look to the experts in our niche for guidelines on how to blog better when it comes to the topic we write about.But what about looking outside your niche for ways to write about your blog’s topics and content.Some say that you should not follow too many of the top experts of your […]

  • Use Smaller Social Bookmarking sites to Get Traffic

    Getting on the front page of Digg or sites like Stumble upon is a near Impossible Task for Most Bloggers, but if you were to join a Smaller Social Bookmarking site and become one of the most active Members you can easily get 100 visitors a Day by being on the Front Page. The trick […]

  • Emergency Operating System

    What do you do when you see a Blue Screen of Death or an error15 Because you removed something on your computer or installed some rouge software and there is no Computer Doctor around to help you and the only option is to reinstall your Operating System but this can take much time and all […]