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I cover topics about keeping distance sometime tech, music , software, and mental health topics on Wedensday because it's the most depressing day of the weekfollow.it

Change Pitch Ubuntu App

An easy-to-use software app for changing the speed of music or voice in Ubuntu. With this software, you can change Pitch Easily in Ubuntu. For various reasons, we might need to time stretch an audio file and the easiest way to do this in Ubuntu is to install Play it slowly. Compared to more advanced audio tools like audacity Play… Read More »Change Pitch Ubuntu App

A brief facebook workplace overview

    Working from home with Facebook Using Facebook Workplace Workplace from Facebook a feature that allows working from home with Facebook workplace. Maybe you are you using or intended to use workplace for your business ?. A few years ago many companies complained about employees using Social media as Facebook at work. Now things have taken a turn with many in… Read More »A brief facebook workplace overview