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I cover topics about keeping distance sometime tech, music , software, and mental health topics on Wedensday because it's the most depressing day of the weekfollow.it

Socially Distant Interaction Tips

    Socially Distant Interaction Socializing with others: Is your only option on Social Media? Because of social distance restrictions, many people will only get to see their loved ones on a screen. This is the alternative to socially distant interaction we have at the moment as we are trying to keep socially distant. Now people are completely dependent on Facebook, Hangouts, Zoom,… Read More »Socially Distant Interaction Tips

    Cheap USB Bluetooth Dongle

      There is no need to splash out on an expensive usb dongle to connect your bluetooth speaker most of the time a Cheap USB Bluetooth DongleSome will have the connectivity you need for   older computers that have not got bluetooth compatibility. Many like my own Acer5310 is bluetooth enabled but that is another thing. So many of us try to… Read More »Cheap USB Bluetooth Dongle