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Advancing Technology Counseling and Mental Health

    Gone are the days when mental health was a taboo subject. With increasing mental health awareness,people are no longer afraid to talk about their addictions and mental illnesses. Mental health plays ahuge role in your overall wellness. For starters, your physical well-being depends on a healthy mind.It’s not uncommon for mental health patients to exhibit physical symptoms such as backaches,insomnia,… Read More »Advancing Technology Counseling and Mental Health

    Mindful When Busy Is it Possible? Try These Tips

      Life is overwhelming. Daily commutes, school assignments, work commitments; you name it, it’s easy to lose yourself to the hustle and bustle of survival and ignore life’s beauty. That’s where mindfulness comes in. By revealing your thoughts, emotions, and yearnings, mindfulness helps you act intentionally instead of impulsively. Mindfulness also facilitates overcoming addiction recovery by helping addictive users control their… Read More »Mindful When Busy Is it Possible? Try These Tips