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A brief facebook workplace overview

    Working from home with Facebook Using Facebook Workplace Workplace from Facebook a feature that allows working from home with Facebook workplace. Maybe you are you using or intended to use workplace for your business ?. A few years ago many companies complained about employees using Social media as Facebook at work. Now things have taken a turn with many in… Read More »A brief facebook workplace overview

    Bad News! How To Get rid of It

      Getting rid of bad news each time you use your computer or internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ways to filter out negative news and get more uplifting positive news. If you just hear bad news you think everything is bad Recently I have been trying to change what I read as I find myself tired most of the… Read More »Bad News! How To Get rid of It

      Free Digital Wellbeing Course Learning to be online less

        Digital Wellbeing Course Free From Google Garage. Learning in lockdown learning is a more productive thing than wasting countless hours gazing into a phone. Lockdown Digital Wellbeing Skills are Vital to learn during lockdowns. Learning simple skills like managing social media notifications and being more productive online. These are just some of the basics of the digital wellbeing course. Learning… Read More »Free Digital Wellbeing Course Learning to be online less