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Remote Islands Short Documentary Films

    A Collection of Remote Islands Short Documentary films While not all are unpopulated remote islands these islands. Some of the best are places to distance yourself from most of the world. Also including some Remote Islands Short Documentary films. Some are easy to access while others are very distant from the rest of Civilization. Some don’t have airports or are… Read More »Remote Islands Short Documentary Films

    Zemanta in Nucleus

      Nucleus is a blogging platform available here Zemanta is no longer useful in the way it was described in the post link to Nucleus Download

      10 Funny Lockdown Pins and Memes

        If you are looking for funny quarantine memes then look no further than Pinterest lockdown pins here are 10 of the best lockdown pins and social distancing memes from Pinterest to help you laugh a little while lockdown. List of funny lockdown pins and memes 1:Many Funny Lockdown Pinterest Memes about couch potatoes  Couch potatoes are now being called beneficial… Read More »10 Funny Lockdown Pins and Memes

        Socially Distant Interaction Tips

          Socially Distant Interaction Socializing with others: Is your only option on Social Media? Because of social distance restrictions, many people will only get to see their loved ones on a screen. This is the alternative to socially distant interaction we have at the moment as we are trying to keep socially distant. Now people are completely dependent on Facebook, Hangouts, Zoom,… Read More »Socially Distant Interaction Tips

          Cheap USB Bluetooth Dongle

            There is no need to splash out on an expensive usb dongle to connect your bluetooth speaker most of the time a Cheap USB Bluetooth DongleSome will have the connectivity you need for   older computers that have not got bluetooth compatibility. Many like my own Acer5310 is bluetooth enabled but that is another thing. So many of us try to… Read More »Cheap USB Bluetooth Dongle