The A7S III can help stabilize your videos and photographs. If you ever seen any of my youtube videos if there is anything I need it is a stabilizer for my camera.

Why you may need a camera stabilizer such as the A7S III

While many newer cameras are lightweight and easy to carry. There is a small drawback which is because the camera is so light, keeping the camera stable is hard. So to solve this problem you need a camera stabilizer.

Before buying a camera stabilizer try make your own.

Diy camera stabilizer

Before you go spending money on a stabilizer try out these blog posts and videos on how to make a DIY camera stabilizer. The materials in this video can easily be bought at any local Homestore for little money. If you have a few DIY skills you can easily make your own stabilizer. You can see by the model made in the video that it’s just a basic frame that could be simply put together or if you like the design of the A7S III camera stabilizer you can fashion your own stabilizer rig.

No tools no problem get quality camera rigs and stabilizers such as the A7S III for less.

I saw it on COOLLCD Technology Co., Limited

SmallRig Kits

However not everyone has a fully loaded garage or tools to make stuff themselves.If you are not into DIY or just don’t have tools then why not check out Coollcd who have a range of Camera Rigs such as the A7S III for cheap prices.

They also stock a range of photo and camera accessories. To help you build your own camera rig suck as a gadget called a SmallRig Cold Shoe 1241 which connects other equipment to your camera rig so why not check them out 15% Off Full Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro, form-fitting cage for BMPCC 6K PRO, disassembled to become a half cage.

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    Cool some great ideas here. I have had this trouble myself so definitely looks like could help people out.