Lower carbon and digital footprint app advice and videos

App that gives tips and advice to lower carbon and digital footprint app for free

When you decide to reduce your CO2 (Carbon dioxide)footprint.

There are so many sites and articles that you can become overwhelmed. However, if you had all you need to know about lowering your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Here it is in one place it would save much time and carbon output. This is quite true as each time you search or email. You technically make a digital carbon output as small as it is when combined globally it amounts to much.

carbon and digital footprint app

How Changeit is Helping you lower your carbon footprint

Changeit works by analyzing and changing your daily habits and giving you a daily notification. The app tracks your carbon footprint. All you do is click some of the things you can do less. These include buying local, cutting back on needless plastic, or flying less. With this unique app to track your carbon footprint, you have access to vital information. This is what you need to know instead of reading all that information and watching all the documentaries. ChangeIt has done all the research for you to get started living in a greener and self-caring world for all of us.

Get Clear Carbon and Digital Footprint Data

The carbon footprint tracking app ChangeIt has a clear and concise interface. The app uses very little phone memory, unlike many bloated apps. Use it to check your carbon footprint levels. Chanegit will even work on older phones as it only requires Android 5.0 and up. This is great because our obsession with smart devices is destroying the planet

How the carbon footprint app Looks

Inside the app, you can also find links to the developer’s website. The site contains many useful environmental awareness articles and further information on Carbon and Digital Footprint output. You will also find further details about using the app. Including how the app helps you reducing your carbon and digital footprint.

Download ChangeIt from the Google play store here it’s free. The app can help you monitor your usage and help you make a difference. Even if it’s a small carbon footprint change you make in your daily life. Think of the impacts on the environment when people constantly upgrade their smartphones. Try from the recommendations you get in the app. A small change from everyone can lead to big changes globally.