• Best distance to sit from TV

    Distance to sit from tv when watching? Ever wonder how far away should you sit from your TV. Below is the answer to questions like how far should my couch be from my TV. This will tell you how far to sit from TV for various screen sizes. With today’s world of tech having us […]

  • How to stop lock screen ads 2 methods to try

    Use either of these methods to stop lock screen ads appearing on your android device. Learn How to stop lock screen ads on your android device Lock screen ads can be frustrating. Very few things are more annoying on your phone than some stupid ad running and possibly draining your battery or using your data […]

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    Why you have to keep track of the distance you are from home. Keeping the recommended distance from home is compulsory these days. In many countries it is not more important than ever to know just how far from home you are?. By using this easy to use website service to find “how far you […]

  • Suddenly having no interest in social media

    Do you have no interest in social media or just not using Facebook anymore? Maybe I am not the only one that has suddenly no interest in social media. For a start, I could blame having to be socially distant. But have sites like Facebook, Instagram and the rest received a downturn in the past […]

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  • Wasting Free Trials Subscribing Too Soon

    Wasting free trials common mistakes to stop making when subscribing to paid online services. Netflix has a one-month free subscription and most of us will jump at the chance of having free movies for a month. The same could be said for a Spotify free premium trial. Because we panic subscribe to them is a […]

  • Why I hate Facebook but use it anyway

    How much trust are you putting in Facebook?. Politics and Political Correctness Gone Crazy The need for a secondary app on my phone for messaging Introducing and then Abandoning Features The ever-changing interface and rules Facebook brings into play. Since I went back to blogging I love being online and productive. However, also I noticed […]

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