Writing out what you want to say in a blog post before you start

So you are stuck? just wrote a great blog post and now don’t know how to describe it. If you change the title the you could end up destroying any changes of the post ever been read. So what do you do then when you can’t easily describe what you blog post is about in 160 characters or less which the google search snippet recommends. So do you know what to say about a blog post you have just written to get it to the people you wanted to read it.

Thinking about what you want to do with your blog post.

What do you want your blog post to say?. Just imagine speaking your blog post like a podcast. How long would people listen and even perform your call to action if you were saying it aloud. But even if you get all that right and don’t summarize your content correctly chances are it may never be heard or read unlike bad news stories.

Is what you say sharable to others to say what you do?

Chances are if you are saying something in your blog post that many people will agree with there is a higher chance of it being shared. So posts about things to make with an old item are going to be much more shareable than posts about why we should pay more car insurance. If it’s not going to be a popular opinion would you accept that it may not get much social traffic ?. Does your post run a risk to others if they share it to their feeds politically?. Maybe what you are saying could be seen as offensive, people do not like to share this kind of content.

Do you articulate your thoughts in writing?

The best way to do this is by planning but sometimes planning can lead to procrastination . Being in the wrong frame of mind can be one of the biggest delayers when it come to procrastination. So sometimes we just want to do and not plan as long as you are not using overboard methods in your doing it might just work out for you. In short don’t write about your personal life problems on a company blog. But do you think about how it will sound to your readers and will your readers understand your point of view and why you have that mindset.