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Doing dumb stuff online to attract attention Elina Krima at Pexels

If you are going to do dumb stuff online do these things you wont regret.

Ever spent a night doing dumb stuff online by that I don’t mean making a video of a glowstick in a microwave or getting drunk and going live on Facebook. No, I mean just plain dumb things online. The type of things that will keep you occupied and entertained for the evening. Here are some timewasting things to try I found on The site is a bit old skool internet as it uses flash in some of the online apps but the fundamentals are still there to start doing dumb stuff online. So before you are a primetime headline for a viral news story about someone doing a stupid internet prank going wrong try a few ideas from the website below.

Doing crazy things like trying to talk to God via webchat

Yes you can talk to god via a web chat with this mini program. Look what he told me when I asked him when will lockdown end.

Soon I think

He is as bad as the politicians. Well I hope it is because I have to travel more than 5km soon this town is getting way too small. If you want to chat with god and ask him a few questions then click here to chat with God

Find pointless information like how many of you are out there.

After you have done that you can see the data for how many people have your name in the US. The online program just takes first and last name data from the US census and returns the information with facts behind the first and last name. I found out my name Chris is the 93rd most populor name in the United states. If you want to check census results for people with the same name as you click here .

Still want more try these funny trick questions

There are over 80 trick questions or dry jokes as some people call them which are great if you need a giggle with jokes that are not rude. Try them out on

Other things to do when doing dumb stuff online with includes

old time radio shows

old time afternoon radio plays

An SMS dictionary for older people

Corny pick up lines that can be personalized to popular names

Give yourself an award and much more dumb stuff online.

Its a little dumb from not to update the site

The site is a little outdated and it is quite dumb that it was quite reliant on flash which is no longer supported but many of the online tools still work. Maybe it will be getting a revamp soon I hope so.

Still thinking of doing dumb stuff online ?

As for the whole thing of doing dumb stuff online before you put anything up on the internet remember that it is not as easy to take down things once they are processed online. So never put anything up that you may regret later like I know I will about most of the posts on this blog :).

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