The easiest way to get the old layout for Facebook is by navigating to the Facebook mobile version of Facebook. The other option is just for computers running chrome by and installing a browser add-on or extension. The mobile site for facebook is If you have difficulty using the new layout for Facebook, especially in the Facebook group admin permissions and settings you can always use the mobile version if this does not work for you. Remember the mobile site has fewer features that can only be used in the app or on the desktop site of Facebook.

Easily Switch the new Facebook layout to the old version

Reverting to the old Facebook Version of the Site.

Many complain that the newer version of the website looks terrible in chrome and is quite heavy on resources. Even as I am writing this Facebook is probably changing the way it looks again and even making it worse. To change back to the older version in chrome all you need is a small piece of software called an extension that runs in google chrome. Then you can use the old Facebook layout. This uses the old layout facebook chrome extension link below.

This is what the current Facebook Version design is in 2022 and how to change Facebook style back to the old version.

You either like it or hate it but it’s hard to get Zuckerberg’s developers to change their minds about how they want the website to look is it usability or just people keeping themselves in a job?. But that does not mean you have to use the new design see below. All you need is this tool to change the Facebook layout style and revert to the Facebook old layout easily.

revert to the old layout for Facebook post-september 2020

The Facebook layout in September 2020

And here is the earlier version of the social networking platform from pre-September 2020. If you prefer this version then follow the instructions below the image. You can see the old layout for Facebook in the image.

Facebook Layout Pre September 2020 old layout

Get the Old Facebook Version

To get the old look from 2020 before just head over to the Google Chrome extension store and install the old layout for Facebook by clicking here or downloading it from the developer’s site here.

The Next step is to make sure the old Facebook Google chrome extension is enabled by going to chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of google chrome and enabling the old Facebook layout browser extension. If it’s blue the old layout extension is running and if grey the old layout extension is grayed out.

change the layout old facebook layout 2021 pre september 2020

Did you find what you needed or want any help in getting the old facebook version in 2021?

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If you need any assistance in how to change facebook’s new version to the old version just ask in the comments section. Alternatively, you can change back to the old Facebook layout with the revert site extension for chrome I have not tried this chrome facebook old layout addon but it does much the same. Do you spend too much time on Facebook? Maybe this post about a website blocking extension is for you.