There is a range of tools out there to help you find better keywords to get more traffic. It is possible to do this for free but it is very time-consuming the keyword research tools. So I have compiled this list of keyword research tools with free versions.

How to Get Search Volume For Keywords and Competiton?

If you are trying to sell music and are looking for high search volume keywords youtube titles? These tools may also help these online keyword research services have free and paid versions. The paid versions are quite limited but if you use a combination of the 3 you can get a good idea of what people are searching for and how many people have already supplied the answer. How to lookup search volume for keywords competition and keyword difficulty stats can all be found in these tools.


Is quite pricey but its advanced features are beneficial to larger websites or digital agencies.

High Volume Keyword
Free Limited To 10 Daily Searches


Is a keyword research tool which at $27 a month for a Bronze Membership gives quite good data at the lower end of the market.


Much the same price range as Wordtracker you can use Ubersuggest

3 Searches With Uberggest Daily

But these tools are quite expensive so many people groups buy these services. You can also use things like Google Trends. Which of these tools is your favorite for Keyword research and why?. Would you consider paying for these there are a few reasons you may have to for example if you were an SEO company in some area? You would need to do extensive keyword data collection and processing, so you would not want to be switching interfaces too frequently. on a single-person website and still profit if you use the data to your best potential. But many will defer from paying however sometimes it’s the only option left. That is unless you want to spend countless hours thinking of content that people will search for on your website.