How do nonprofits raise funds in lockdown?

I am looking into ways to raise funds for a charity that is productive in lockdowns and now that more people are going cashless. So I am going to be sharing some of the ways to raise nonprofit donations over the next few weeks. I have to build the website but I just wish to share these tips on how nonprofits in lockdown and post lockdown can raise funds in a struggling economy.

Getting donations online in lockdown for non profits

Using online fundraising tools for nonprofits

Paypal Donations Buttons sites like Patreon and many others provide a way for nonprofits to accept donations but what if those services are not online underdeveloped or inactive on Facebook. A website may have to be set up and developed content written for it and some SEO is done. If you are a web developer maybe you can spend some time creating a site for a local nonprofit like I will be doing over the next few weeks. Setting up a Gofundme page is quite a straightforward process. I have set up one for a local zoom coffee hub for supporting people and families in mental health in just a few minutes. That was the simple part the next things needed to do are these steps.

  1. Send a personalized message to 3-5 close contacts who you know would be likely to support your cause, and ask them to donate and share with their networks if possible.

2. Get someone who is great with social media, and ask them to share your link on your behalf or invite them to join your GoFundMe as a team member.

3. Reach out to your networks, such as social media groups such as Facebook pages, religious organizations, local clubs, PTAs, or alumni associations. You can share your GoFundMe link with them online, in person, or via a mailing list. Fundraising for nonprofits in lockdown online can also be done via Facebook fundraisers.

Raising funds offline for non profits in lockdown

Typically nonprofits would have things like cake day sales and other daily events. So what else can they do to raise money for their charity work? outside of online fundraising platforms for nonprofits.

Tips ideas to raise funds to nonprofits in lockdown.

Please share any tips and ideas you may have to raise funds