Getting Increased listening and views with blog posts for musicians. While it would be nice to be the most listened to artist on spotify or other audio platforms. We can’t promise you that but artists who used guitardoor have seen a rise in subscriptions and listeners.

Blogging can be more productive for increasing your video views and Listens reach especially for guitar players. This is why and Jimmy Fleming came up with the co-collaboration blog This is our experience in helping and you get more views and listeners on YouTube or any other video or audio streaming sites like amazing radio.

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When you blog with us you can include embedded audio and video in your posts. You can also link to your social media profiles in the article. This leads to more subscribers, followers and hopefully helps your musical goals. Be they downloads or something like guitar lessons online or in your area if you are a physical guitar tutor.

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How your views and listens went up using Guitardoor

I had been hit and miss for over a year due to having to end a 13-year relationship with a corporation that not only distributed my music but hosted my Website and it was costly per month, to say the least. It is sometimes right next to impossible for an Indie artist to get press now due to the sheer volume of creative people doing it all on their own as well. 

The creative boom in the world is a great and beautiful thing. However in this covid economy and even in years prior you have to realize we are somewhat all fishing for the same exposure and often the same dollar or in many cases the fraction of a cent royalty. 

The most popular outlet for music listening for many years does not tell the consumer how the artist is paid. A perfect example is that back when Rock n Roll started Little Richard and Bo Diddley spoke decades later about the fact they were paid half a penny per record so they had to sell 2 records to earn that penny. 

Now you have a corporation with 100’s of thousands of people paying a monthly subscription to listen to music. What they don’t know is that the artist is being paid 0.00097734 of a cent per play. 

The Artist is not making half a cent in streaming. When it comes to actually buy one song for 99 cents the fee taken out for selling it on the company platform is somewhat better but fluctuates.

Larger media won’t cover you unless you are already established, you can’t get established unless you have press and promo. Sometimes it’s a” you can’t get there from here situation.”

So two things happened. When no one else will listen or help, you build your own boat to chart the Sea of uncertainty. We Formed and I joined Amazing Radio U.S. / U.K.. 

With these two entities working hand in hand, as even though we are new we Drew the attention from the CEO of Amazing Music, things are picking up.

Now is setting the world on fire now, but we gain ground every day because we work hard every day. I have seen video plays increase tenfold after publishing a few articles. 

The music is getting out there with a quickness via Amazing Radio and they allow the artist to retain all rights and all the money of sale and have had a few featured plays.

Guitardoor operates the same. We just want you heard and you are obligated to nothing. My Partner Chris is integral in making the features as all-encompassing as possible and is a Pro all the way. 

We are about Ethical intentions, honesty and we enjoy building a community by the work we are doing. We are into guitar music and players in general no matter how accomplished. We were also blessed by the fact we now have a few people in the business pointing some great players in our direction, as we are out there looking as well. Better than that we are making friends and associates as we don’t believe in ego and have found people who are of the same mind. 

Guitardoor is here for the player if they want to have some fun and a little more exposure at no cost beyond their time. Our Agenda? Treat people with respect and be as said before “the one door always open”. Grassroots mentality. 

We also want to bring the same experience to the listener, reader, and potential Lover of the music gems we are finding. We would love to interact with you as well, for with no ears to hear or eyes to see we wouldn’t exist. Music is so many things to so many people. I’ve often heard people express how a band or song helped them through rough times, and I’ve heard of artists being credited as literally saving their life.

 Let us join in this experiment with you. There are two things in life you cannot have too much of Music, and friendships.