Hawking Hnt1 Net Talk Usb Skype Internet Phone

Hawking Hnt1 Net Talk Usb Skype Internet Phone

Outdated now but maybe you have had one of these skype phones.

A straight forward skype and internet phone is something older people may need as not all of us are tech savy or comfortable with using smartphones and newer technology. While I have often wanted to make Telephone Calls around the World especially because of the fact the I have lived in other countries like Germany,Holland and Belgium most of the Time I have came Across Telecom  Boundries because of high payiing Telephone Charges and even when I have used Cheaper methods of Calling Other Countries like Cheap Calling Cards I still found difficulty in saving money when calling foreign countries.

Skype has somewhat saved me some money but I have often found that the sound quality on skype was quite poor.This meaning that I needed a Skype enabled telephone that I could use together with my computer so I could use Skype from my Computer directly without  interference from the sound card settings that I have enabled.

Cheap Skype enabled Handset
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This Skype internet phone with enabled USB connection from my Skype phone that was not very expensive works perfectly for my requirements quite easy to Install and full USB 2.0 control and support giving me the sound and connectivity quality that I require to make international telephone calls cheap but with a near perfect audio quality check out the Hawking Hnt1 Net Talk Usb Skype Internet Phone just click the Image for more Information about this Product.

2 thoughts on “Hawking Hnt1 Net Talk Usb Skype Internet Phone”

  1. I use skype phone to communicate with my parents. For them it is hard to use the computer and connect to internet and all these things but pretty confidence with a phone.

    From our end it is always nice to speak to a phone rather than speaking to the computer. I think this is a cool option for people who wants the phone look and feel

    1. Thanks Sjay Many people still think that a telephone call should only take place on an object that looks like what most of us call a phone.They think when not talking into a normal phone that it’s not a real phonecall it’s just mind over matter

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