You could be losing out on many potential visitors. If you don’t implement a way to break iframes doing this is a must for your blog. The Problem with Sites Like Digg and Google Images and bloglovin is that they Host your Content in iFrames they show ads around them and possibly from your competitors. If you Wish to Stop Digg, bloglovin and Google Images and many others, who are placing your site in an iframe.

Use this Code or the Plugin May Help If you want to stop sites hosting your content in an iframe. If you are a wordpress user then use this WordPress Plugin for Breaking iFrames although I found the plugin not to work and still seen my site content in an iframe. Alternatively you can use the following script for WordPress and other Blogging platforms such as Blogger and B2evolution to make your site break out of iframes. If you have a static site this will also work.

Code to break iframes hosting your content


There are Many Sites that Will try to host your Content in iframes and Place their Adsense Code on the Page so this Plugin and Code are Helpful to Stop these iFrame Cheats for Profiting on your Hard Work. So by quickly fixing this error in your code. Suddenly you could see an enormous spike in your website traffic.