Enabling Gzip Compression is one way of Speeding up your WordPress Blog and Since Google is now Telling us to Speed up our Blogs in Webmaster Tools such as page speed insights. Enabling Gzip compression is Becoming Important but Will does not Work with Some WordPress Themes.

There are Some Ways to Enable Gzip Compression in WordPress using Plugings but Plugings usually add more Code and Extra text so one of the Most Easiest Way is to just Add a Piece of Code to the Top of your Php files just Add this Piece of Code to your Header.php in your WordPress Theme Editor.

Code to enable Gzip in WordPress

ob_start( 'ob_gzhandler' );

After enabling Gzip is on your WordPress Blog and you will see increasing page load speed of your WordPress Blog. Loading pages Faster helps Increase your Search Engine Optimization rankings and you may also like to have more Visitors coming to your site and not in Frames like Digg and Stumble upon just Click here to Learn How to Break iFrames and Make your Site more Sticky