You pay for you blog so why not sell on your blog
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Impulse selling on Blogs

We have all heard about buying on impulse but what about selling on impulse many bloggers try to sell products on their blogs in order to make some money from affiliate programs or paid to review posts. So how do you choose what to sell on your blog and how do you go about it.

Choosing products to sell on your blog

Ideally, a blogger should write an eBook and sell it or some kind of Paid Membership Site, other ways to make money are paid reviews and selling products through an Amazon store but how do you know which products are best to sell to monetize your blog properly.

What many bloggers do when they start selling on their blog

Ask 90% of Bloggers to write a review for you on their blog and you will pay them a sum of money directly to their PayPal account and they will do it. How do I know this because everywhere you read you see someone trying to sell some product with a blog post but could they not make more just by being themselves and writing about the things that they have actually bought and not writing about things that they have never even seen only a photo and a few keywords to use in the article they are promoting.

So what do your Readers want to buy from your Blog

The readers of your blog do not want to buy anything in fact they just want to read your blog so do not try to sell them anything unless you know how to sell to your readers which takes much more training than just writing a blog post about a product that you say that you like and that your readers shoud buy it.

So how do you make money from Blogging then.

To make money with your blog. Options that you can use. The things that you have learned in blog comments from your readers. Apply them elsewhere and using the skills you learn while you are Blogging like coding analytics and SEO skills. Because from Blogging you learn about how people interact with content, you learn about SEO, you learn about how people say the right thing and how people say the wrong thing.

There is so much that you can learn just by keeping a blog you also learn how people get tricked and how people trick people. Telling people these things is important that they will not get tricked also you can even make money online tricking people into believing they are being tricked.