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Boost Emotional Resilience 3 Toolbox Tips

    Life isn’t a straight line. From breakups and health issues to bereavement and academic failures, life is bound to bring you down. But people handle situations differently. While some remain strong in the face of adversity, others take the slightest disappointments to heart. Not to worry, however, emotional resilience is an acquired trait. Emotional Resilience allows you to recover from… Read More »Boost Emotional Resilience 3 Toolbox Tips

    Some Negative Effects of Oversleeping

      Evaluating the Negative Effects of Oversleeping You need sleep to prevent heart problems and depression and increase your concentration and productivity. But while everyone talks about the dangers of insufficient sleep, people rarely mention how oversleeping affects you. Besides harming your health, sleeping too much could signal underlying conditions. While it’s fine to sleep in once in a while, you… Read More »Some Negative Effects of Oversleeping

      Not enough nourishment eating too Little

      Stressed Eating Too Little Getting The Right Daily Calorie Intake

      Overcoming appetite loss when stressed. Tips for feeling too full after eating very little or just eating too little because you are stressed. Eating too Little Regaining Appetite When Stressed Though binge eating is a typical stress response, it’s not uncommon to lose appetite when you’re anxious. Per a 2015 APA study, 31% of the adult participants admitted to foregoing… Read More »Stressed Eating Too Little Getting The Right Daily Calorie Intake

      Advancing Technology Counseling and Mental Health

        Gone are the days when mental health was a taboo subject. With increasing mental health awareness,people are no longer afraid to talk about their addictions and mental illnesses. Mental health plays ahuge role in your overall wellness. For starters, your physical well-being depends on a healthy mind.It’s not uncommon for mental health patients to exhibit physical symptoms such as backaches,insomnia,… Read More »Advancing Technology Counseling and Mental Health

        Mindful When Busy Is it Possible? Try These Tips

          Life is overwhelming. Daily commutes, school assignments, work commitments; you name it, it’s easy to lose yourself to the hustle and bustle of survival and ignore life’s beauty. That’s where mindfulness comes in. By revealing your thoughts, emotions, and yearnings, mindfulness helps you act intentionally instead of impulsively. Mindfulness also facilitates overcoming addiction recovery by helping addictive users control their… Read More »Mindful When Busy Is it Possible? Try These Tips

          Top Tips Mental Health To Overcome Addiction

          Addiction is destructive. Besides inviting physical complications, addiction wrecks your relationships and psychological wellbeing and may end in suicide. Addiction doesn’t always involve drugs. Sometimes, it’s the obsessive craving for food, video games, gambling, even sex. Although genetics, social influence, and underlying mental conditions play a role in your addiction, you can quit any behavior. Sadly, breaking the dependency isn’t… Read More »Top Tips Mental Health To Overcome Addiction

          dealing with small issues and stress

          Stressing ? Kick Out The Unhealthy Habits With These 3 Stress Tips

            Stress is inevitable. Whether you’re worried about large issues like a loved one’s health or small ones like what you’ll eat for dinner, you’re bound to get anxious at some point. It’s not uncommon to feel guilty for stressing over small matters. It’s even worse when other people seem unbothered by the same issues. But before you become too hard… Read More »Stressing ? Kick Out The Unhealthy Habits With These 3 Stress Tips