If you are looking for the times your local off licence closes at. Just do a google search and it will automatically give you the time they close. I can’t believe chain off licence closing locally. Why someone decide they would close an off licence in the middle of lockdown.

But they closed one down the road from my home. It could be much to do with me not drinking for the past few months. Could people be tiring of home drinking in lockdown?. It’s possible so is this story about a woman who was told there was lots of money coming to her.

Money coming to her

I seen this video about a strange relationship between a chihuahua and and a chicken. Better than looking at bad news it’s a full episode video if you would like to watch on this site.

Been spending the past few days looking at old sci fi movies. I watched a few old sherlock holmes movies which are great except they seem to quote churchill at the end of each one. Must have been compulsory back then I don’t want to think of life in this time of boringness. So I am watching this 1960’s sci fi movie frozen alive and a few classics from the 1940’s.

So that is how I have been spending my days in lockdown. Still can’t figure out why that off license would close down when there seems to be little more to do than drink all day. If you think this post is a little odd it’s just a scrapbook of a day in lockdown and some of the things I did to pass the time.

I am off for dinner I am going to make something with the things I have in my cupboard I don’t really feel like going to supermarkets. But all I can see that I can make is a recipe for black tea and date bread but I have no baking utensils.