A Collection of Remote Islands Short Documentary films

remote islands
Agioi Theodoroi. Remote islands image.A deserted island in the Mediterranean sea.

While not all are unpopulated remote islands these islands. Some of the best are places to distance yourself from most of the world. Also including some Remote Islands Short Documentary films. Some are easy to access while others are very distant from the rest of Civilization. Some don’t have airports or are inaccessible with larger boats and ships. The perfect places to just keep distance.

Tristan da Cunha

First sighted in 1506 by Portuguese explorer Tristan da Cunha. This group of remote and distant Volcanic Islands in the Atlantic. Could be the perfect place to stay away from everybody. Since it is a six-day sea voyage from South Africa and there is no airport on the remote Islands. It is home to penguins and many other birds and has some wildlife reserves. So at least you are not distant from nature.

If you are visiting don’t get too drunk in the bar as there is only one on the Island. Then one bus service that will bring you to a communal growing area for the islanders. In 1962 the Island had to be evacuated when the island’s volcano Queen Mary’s Peak erupted . The entire population of the remote island had to relocate. Few stayed on the distant island for almost 2 years. Residents mostly relocated to the UK.

A short guide to visiting Tristan da Cunha

Fraser Island Australia

The only place in the world where rain-forests grow on sand dunes. Fraser Island is a remote island off the coast of the state of Queensland. However it is not too distant from Brisbane. The Island is on the Australian Heritage list with a population of only 182 in the 2016 census. This remote Island has a 4-star hotel along with other accommodations for visitors. Other than the resort most of the Island is just full of various wildlife. Most commonly Dingoes and a number of birds and amphibians. Traveling around by road is only possible in 4×4 vehicles. The only roads are made of sand on this remote island.

A Tour of Fraser Island in 4 K

Nauru the Tiny Island Republic.

The Island of Nauru was once called “the richest Island in the World” in the early 1980s. This tiny Independent republic surrounded by coral reefs in the middle of nowhere has only recently opened its doors to tourism. Nauru is situated in Micronesia and is just 8 square miles.

The Island has been inhabited since 1000 bc. The island seems to have a shortage of freshwater and locals tend to collect rainwater from their roofs for drinking and washing. Phosphate resources have massively depleted here. Which was once large proportion of the island’s income, as the Phosphate was regarded as the best Phosphate in the world.

Now Fishing and tourism which is not much as it only gets around 200  or so foreign visitors a year,  are the Island nation’s main resources of Income. But they also have a very bad diet as back when things were good they moved to a more western-style fast-food diet. Making them one of the most unhealthiest people in the pacific islands.

Short Documentary film about how Nauru went from riches to rags.

Palmerston Island, Cook Islands.

Well, the big problem here is you can’t safely make a complaint about any of the 60 or inhabitants as they are all technically related to the one guy. He was an English adventurer called William Marsters. He moved to the remote cook island with his wife and two mistresses back in 1863.

Here is a short documentary about life on the remote island of Palmerstown Island

Ascension Island

Just 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles (2,300 km) from the coast of Brazil. Ascension Island is home to a NASA Meter Class Autonomous Telescope (MCAT) which tracks space junk. This remote island in the middle of the Atlantic. Ascension is mostly a military base and if you are into golf the island is supposed to have some of the world’s worst golf courses.

Short Documentary about Ascension Islands Wildlife and Heritage

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