Video promotion for blogs. I feel ill when I hear this from canned marketers from MLM schemes like Herbalife. So you are a Great Actor and you can’t Sell a thing writing you Just have to make a Video and Show off your Acting Skills While talking about Getting 1000’s Visitors to your Site.

I have Many Pages and If I write the Same things all the Time my Readers will Get Bored and Not Come Again So I am Now Going to Tell the People here How to Make a Video promotions for Blogs.

Get out your Credit Card and Book yourself a Nice Hotel Room,Rent an Top of the Range Car, Buy Some Expensive Looking Clothes. These are All Important for Making your Video Look good and Sell your Blog. Plus Pretty Ladies (optional) much better than my youtube videos.

First video promotion for blogs

Sit in the Hotel make Sure you have a Good quality Camera and Start the Video with something Like “Hello I am sitting at Home here and Playing around with all these things I bought from My Program and I am Going to tell you the Secret of my success in this 4 part Video.

Second Video promotion for blogs

Stand in front of your Rented Bentley and tell the People something like. I am just Going to the Airport so I don’t have Much Time I am Flying to Rio for the Weekend but Read over the Pages in My E-Book and Wait on My next Video. “Now they will think you make Lot’s of Money”

The End of the Funnel Third Video

Start With Something Like “Now you have Seen how much I have Made and I am offering you the Chance to make this Kind of Money, So you can Also enjoy Exotic Trips, Fast Cars, A Beautiful House and If you can Find the Pretty Ladies for the Video you can Also Include them in your Text.

Now Just Go on Twitter and Promote you Brilliant Video and Watch your Paypal Account Go Crazy.

p.s If you are a Man Don’t Forget to Shave Before you Make the Videos

3 responses to “Video Promotion For Blogs”

  1. Jewelry Secrets Avatar
    Jewelry Secrets

    lol. Did you do this? That’s funny. It would be like watching an infomercial. You really should try it out. Test it. I was thinking since this was a blog about making videos, that it should have at least one video in it. ha!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Infomercial Vlogging could Convert very well but you need the Actors or a good presenter.There is no Video in the tutorial because I though that it was more helpful if the reader visualizes the Scene. I might try this sometime I can’t be much worse than many of the Wannabe Marketers I have seen in some of the Videos on you tube.

  3. Alex Chivers Avatar

    Hi Chris, Yes very funny. This definitely does happen. I’ve come across a few videos like this and I think to an extent you can show off if you’ve maybe managed to pay for a nice holiday and accommodation. Saying it’s your home and whatever else though. Renting a fast car and whatever else (I dunno). Once you get found out and it starts to get out that you aren’t really super-rich people will stop trusting you. Videos are great but in my experience offering actual value is the best way to do it.