Wasting Free Trials Subscribing Too Soon

Wasting free trials common mistakes to stop making when subscribing to paid online services.

wasting free trials

Netflix has a one-month free subscription and most of us will jump at the chance of having free movies for a month. The same could be said for a Spotify free premium trial. Because we panic subscribe to them is a common mistake many accidentally make I recently done it with an app called yousisian an app for playing guitar.

Many are using services before they really have time to use the products. The reason mostly being that we did not pick the appropriate time to start the trial. Here are some tips on how not to use free services offers in the future. Keeping them for a time when needed the most.

I have been wasting free trials on things I could use later for too long now. So I am sharing my experience on some of the subscription services. I have used a free trial only to find I needed to use the product later. That includes wasting free trails for services and apps with free trials. I knew I could use it later but at the time I could not fully capitalize on the trial period. Let me explain in more detail below giving a few examples.

Wasting free trials with online video services like Netflix.

In case you don’t know you get a month free trial with Netflix and many other online video services also. I am not really into movies I prefer short documentary films on Youtube. I watch longer documentaries on a streaming service called Magellan TV. They also offer a free trial if you didn’t know of Magellan. The site has many documentaries like curiosity stream and no ads. However, I made the mistake of taking a trial in the summer when I don’t really watch any TV. Also when subscribing I forgot to use a coupon code so I only got a week’s trial.

Wasting free trails with online graphic tools like Canva Pro

A powerful easy to use graphic design tool with a free trial of the pro features. Canva is free to use but with limits. I have found a few features of the online graphic design tool. But the tools are only available to canva pro users. One of which I could use like the One-click design Magic Resize feature. Here is an image of the three basic packages they have to offer. If you have wasted your Canva free trial and are looking for an alternative. You can find a list of Canva like online services from Visme who are themselves in a way a tool like canva.

canva free trial
Wasting free trials Canva Pro

I had been wasting free trails on tools to learn music like Yousician

If you don’t know it Yousician is a guitar learning tool for android and ios. It helps you learn songs visually if you want to see the app in action. All you need to just a YouTube search for your choice of song and yousisian after the title. Personally, I don’t think it’s a creative way of learning the guitar but that’s my opinion. The same goes for things that offer free trial access to online paid website content. And paid learning apps like Justin guitar. While the website has lots of free content. At the time you may not be prepared to take in all the value of a paid plan for various reasons. https://www.justkeepdistance.com/learn-circle-of-fifths-theory-app/

I believe the best way is to learn through other people who play music. However, these tools offer some shortcuts if you want to learn the basics and advanced techniques of the instrument. Yousician is good for muscle memory not for remembering what notes you play but you can use it if you want to dedicate your practice to one specific technique.

So how do you stop wasting free trials in the future?

If you come across a free trial just make a bookmark or use a tool like Evernote to save it across multiple devices. They have a basic free account but you can get the premium version features on a free trial here are the features in this image.

Don’t go wasting free trials evernote premium

Pick a time when you will actually get to use the free trial’s full features. Ask yourself do I have time to use the service?. For example, you are better off taking a free Spotify trial when you are mostly on the move or outdoors in the summer months compared to a Netflix free trial which would be better suited to the wintertime.

Check if you can get a longer free trial by searching coupon codes for the product. Maybe you could be spending where you could be saving even if it’s only for a month’s subscription it all adds up.

I hope these tips help you stop wasting free trials or you have found some trials for online services from this blog post. If you would like to add anything please give your view in the comments or anywhere you see this on social media.


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