Expecting some big list not here mate, Here I am just showing examples of what I did with this blog in 227 days. The post does build some internal link structure which I need to do here and it makes better site navigation for added user experience.

Since I went back to blogging it has been exactly 227 days. In those days I learned and relearned a few things. First the answer to the question what the hell did I go back to blogging for after a few years?. That’s Easy I searched to see how far to sit from TV and started blogging again.

In the 227 Days, I have been back blogging I have done the following along with co-writers and authors.

Showed how to get the old layout for Facebook and how to make someone a Facebook group admin and how to change the Facebook group admin. If you are hungry and did not go shopping I have a post about recipe finder by ingredients apps and websites. Should you find yourself stuck on social media and time-consuming websites too much you can read about this productivity website blocker extension for chrome.

Being sober is boring that’s just a rant when I was struggling with the mental part of recovery in addiction. I had been a few months sober and still am sometimes I feel like a beer but it’s a thing to note when I check the track my happiness app which I discovered through a Reddit group of App Developers.

Myself and Jimmy Fleming have been putting the music articles on our Guitarist and Music Blog . Jimmy has done some interviews there and will be writing here from time to time in the music section of this site.

What is upcoming in the next 227 days here.

Articles to come

We will have more weekly posts in keeping healthy articles each week on Wednesday. Currently, we are mostly focusing on mental health and recovery. I chose Wednesdays as I heard or read it once that Wednesday is the most depressing day of the week.

I will be posting the usual random stuff in the blog category that I write be it software and apps, websites and blogs, and other things about useful websites and online services.

Jimmy will be here if heis not playing a music fesitval for a few posts about blogging for musicians and music in general.

I will probably be also doing the ongoing process of fixing errors and working on a traffic acquisition strategy to get more of you reading this blog by 22-2-2022 which is 227 days from now.

One response to “What Can You Do With A Blog In 227 Days”

  1. Alex Chivers Avatar

    Hi Chris, Good to see you are still going strong. The navigation is a good idea but at the moment I think you should add a blog roll and maybe swap things around. Just for better UX

    Also I love your idea for using the timer chrome extension I might have to give it a try. I use Brave personally as you get paid for using it but I think you can use chrome extensions here as well. Anyway keep on going 227 days is a great acheivement best of luck with the next 227 days.