I often hear of methods of creating a blog post that goes viral but how do you do that frequently, and how do you make this day happen when your post has been shared and visited by many new visitors ?. This is not a proven method it’s just my opinion on nearly every blog post goes viral article I have ever read.

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Images always seem to be the big part of viralay shared blog posts and are know to increase engagement but not necessarily always just 99% of the time.

Being viraly readdy with humor even with errors

Having a plan for viral blog posts.

Viral Blog post Plan White paper with note
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A couple of months ago I had what they call the ingredients of a viral blog post it was every piece of content. The topic was in the headlines and I had the correct type of content for that to be shareable amount a larger audience. This was because it was social media shareable and so it was shared. But how do you do that often is the magic question we all ask ourselves.

Being social media ready ready for a viral blog post.

What type of reaction are you waiting for from your content that will become a viral blog post? Is it to make lots of people laugh, cry or want a product. Some of the most shared posts are touching on emotions but what is you fulfillment for that emotion. If it’s a hair product that will clean a mechanics hair

By product it could be anything if it was not a viral blog post for all the wrong reasons. However some companies are social media ready for viral articles. What would you have prepared for just look at this tweet only one reply from over 6000 impressions at the time on a viral twitter trend.

About the divorce announcement of Bill and Melinda Gates

That was just a tweet to a news story but it’s kinda worthless and untargeted but fun for people just don’t expect too much from it only you cheered people up or drew attention to your tweet. I did get profile link clicks and a few favored it that is fine as I don’t just use twitter for self promotion. However it’s only a reply to a news story which will quick pass over and not evergreen viral content. There are so many ebooks telling you tried and tested methods and other such things like infographics videos and more. So many you even see them advertised on lock screen ads from rogue apps.

But you know how a post goes viral.

There is also the option to promote that tweet if it would not be a big ad budget cost. So how do you get many more of the 6,408 people to share like and even click on follow and visit your website? This post is only 300 words do people really read beyond this point? Mostly not because it started wrong. So if you are still reading this you want to know how to write a post start with finishing this off in the comments. Or what do you have planned if your blog post goes viral? or just tweet to @justkeepdistance