Dusk I hate dusk while many like sitting looking at the sunset I am one of those that hate dusktime are here are some of the reasons I can’t stand it when it’s getting dark. Maybe it’s because sunset means the end of day nighttime is around and everything is closing. Now during lockdown it’s even worse I am not drinking at the moment but I really miss going to a bar even to watch a football game and chat with the locals so dusk really sucks in lockdown.

Sunset over snow covered mountains  I hate dusk
Photo by NO NAME on Pexels

I like black or white light dusk hurts my eyes and I hate it

In the daytime, I can go do things but in the dusk, I can’t figure out what to do until it gets dark. Dusk is not bright enough to go much distance to walk and it’s not dark enough for the mind to switch off and call it a day. One of the things I really hate about dusk is that I tend to think of things I could have done that day or want to get done the next day. But at dusk, you can’t even start to do anything and realize you should have spent longer outside in the daylight. Now you are looking forward to an evening looking at tv or being online and wanting to be in another timezone where it is either day or dark. If it was bright I could do something in the garden if it was dark I do not mind watching the TV but I feel dusktime is the worst time to watch as my eyes do be sore at dusk because of the hazy dull light. That light at dusk just seems to clutter my mind knowing this day is nearly over and it’s going to be a long night ahead most nights.

Dusk seems to be a time of reflection and planning maybe that is why I hate dusk

To really sleep well it’s better not think too deep later in the evening and night I have trained myself to watch nonintensive and thought-provoking TV music or reading at least an hour before bed. But at dusk, my anxiety kicks off about delays I had or waiting for answers the next day. Ideas come to mind and everywhere seems to be closed and it really kicks in at dusktime. If I start planning something I could end up awake about technicalities till 2 am if I completely switch off I will go to sleep too early so I need to use the last of my day’s energy at dusktime. Today is an especially obnoxiously boring dusktime. It’s Saturday evening and even though it’s the month of May tonight it is going to be only 1c or 32f so and I feel it already. So I don’t feel like sitting out in the garden.

Dusk happens at different times everyday 4 pm in Winter 10 pm in high summer

If I lived near the equator I could plan my day around dusk because it’s near enough to the same time of the day. But here in Ireland 53.1424° N, 7.6921° W it can be a painstaking time of day. On the longest days of the year, the sun sets at around 10 pm then late December at about 4.10 pm so it’s hard to plan things to do at dusk. This time of year I am sitting home writing on my blog at dusk in a few months I will be still at work so it’s a time of day that’s too hard to plan around because it’s not a set time of day.

Nobody seems to phone or chat much at dusk

Did you ever notice people don’t seem to message you much when it’s getting dark then when you have decided nobody wants to talk and you decide to go do something like I am doing this dusktime writing a blog post play your guitar and learn some music theory with an app they start calling you or sending you stupid videos on Facebook?.

So what do you do at dusk besides waiting for it to get dark

Do you even notice it getting dark? the reason dusk sucks the most is that it seems to be the time of day when everything seems to stop but is that such a bad thing?. Maybe it is nature’s way of telling us to switch off our minds and let tomorrow’s thoughts be dealt with in the morning depending on the seriousness of those problems. But there is no point sitting around dwelling on what we did not do today and just enjoy our reflection of the day no matter how bad it was because today is over and it’s time to switch off for the night.