How much trust are you putting in Facebook?.

Politics and Political Correctness Gone Crazy

The need for a secondary app on my phone for messaging

Introducing and then Abandoning Features

The ever-changing interface and rules Facebook brings into play.

Since I went back to blogging I love being online and productive. However, also I noticed that I really hate Facebook more than ever since I came back to blogging. I feel it was one of my biggest social media mistakes investing too much time on Facebook<

Facebook could be the death of your blog

Back in 2014, I had been getting enough traffic on my blog to make a small-time income. However back then the Facebook bandwagon really started to roll. Everyone seemed to be on Facebook which is only good for Mark Zukerberg and a few major Facebook employees.

I could nearly say that Facebook was the death of my blog back then as I had been adding people with who I had nothing to do with my personal interests on my profile just because I knew them either through school, work or community. This lead to being overloaded with uninteresting information killing my inspiration and then my blog in the end.

The redesign is great but it depends on the user experience. Facebook is an interactive site with many changing features. Sometimes new features are not really worth learning simply because they will be made void after only a few months but you can use the old layout with extensions. All that time you could have been learning something evergreen like the circle of 5ths for music chords have been wasted learning about something that will lose functionality fast.

No wonder there is so much junk in the world when apps like Facebook require you to download a secondary app to use messaging. Now you have to remove apps from your phone and your device is obsolete because the new app is not supported on your phone. You could alternatively install Facebook lite but most of the features don’t work including commenting and image uploads sometimes.

If almost anyone who you vote for most will tell you nicely that is my business. Simply because it is your social and economical standpoint you want to be represented. But now you don’t have to ask you can almost tell the politics of people by looking at their Facebook posts. But if you stand up for what you believe in you can easily get banned I will go into that in the next section.

Your Photos are not safe with just Facebook.

So you don’t keep a Family photo book anymore because most of the family photos are safely stored on Facebook. If the social networking site is the only place you have your photo’s then you must be like myself who has nothing really to take a photograph of or you are putting your trust in Facebook. Back up your photos to a service like Google drive, Dropbox and Outlook to have a safe copy of them as said before you can easily get banned and have no access to them.

So you are going on Holidays Great or Just Away from Home.

Police services around the world are probably sick telling people not to post on Facebook that you are going away on holidays or not at home. Criminals are constantly on the lookout for such posts and the chances of your home being burgled rise considerably. The same can be said for other things my sisters home was broken into because she posted that she was attending a wedding in another town.

They nearly know what you are going to buy next .

So you are on social media saying how bad your phone is and the type of phone it is and suddenly you start seeing contextual advertising for phones. This is because they are scraping your feed for keywords to advertise. Do you trust Facebook to recommend a phone to you before doing correct product research by reading reviews and asking friends.

I hate Facebook but I use it anyway

Yes I do have a Facebook page and promote it slightly on my blog. But I do not spend much time on it as Facebook is too time consuming and non inspirational as it constantly forces the same content in my face. I hate looking at it actually but know that it is an outlet to reach more readers for my blog posts. If you would like to check me out on my blog about keeping distance. Thanks for reading and try to spend less time on Facebook like you are doing by reading this blog.