• Boost Emotional Resilience 3 Toolbox Tips

    Life isn’t a straight line. From breakups and health issues to bereavement and academic failures, life is bound to bring you down. But people handle situations differently. While some remain strong in the face of adversity, others take the slightest disappointments to heart. Not to worry, however, emotional resilience is an acquired trait. Emotional Resilience […]

  • Understand RPM and RCPM And Its Importance

    Get to Understand RCPM and eCPM and why it is Important If you want to make more from Adsense. The first step is to understand the reports and channels RPM and RCPM ads are often confused as there are sometimes you earn without clicks but this does not happen very often for most niches. What is the […]

  • Link Whisper Free

    This is a tool I use for WordPress to build internal links and I have been using the link whisper free plugin for a few months on my WordPress websites including this site justkeepdistance.com. So I am including making a video of using the plugin to build internal links error message: err_connection_timed_out (code=-118).. Just say […]

  • Neve vs. ThemeGrill: What Should You Choose?

    Neve vs. ThemeGrill: What Should You Choose? If you’re a Neve or ThemeGrill user, chances are you’ve thought about changing your website’s theme. Whether you want a new look for your site or your current theme doesn’t meet your needs, you need to review your options before choosing a theme. Neve is a customizable theme […]

  • Possessions suck

    “You don’t own Possessions they own you,” Someone said that to me once and I totally agree. Even the smallest things can be factors in big decision-making. So how can you stop your possessions from owning you instead of you owning them? Maybe you work hard for your possessions but maybe that job sucks too. […]

  • Carbon and Digital Footprint App for Free.

    Helping you reduce your CO2 (Carbon dioxide)footprint this app helps and gives you tips to drop your carbon footprint

  • Thinking Too Much Strategy To Complete A Task

    Even before I started looking into “Thinking Too Much Strategy” I came across an article on Forbes about the topic of using too much strategy in completing a task. So what did I gain from the article personally nothing because I just looked at it and know is probably the type of article most people […]

  • Block Unwanted Countries Refuse Countries Access To Your Site

    A pro reason to block unwanted countries is to save bandwidth, especially on video sites and music streaming sites but sometimes it can be for security and privacy reasons. Speed up your website and avoid spam when you block unwanted countries. For Example, if you were running services like speed test Ookla but only wanted […]

  • 5 Self Care Ideas To Start Becoming Happier

    How one can brighten their day, become more joyful, and appreciate life more through gratitude, exercise, diet, mindfulness, and self-care routines. These are 5 self-care ideas to inspire you to become happier. Why are self care routines important Life is stressful for everyone sometimes, and when things go wrong, it’s best to have healthy ways […]

  • Song Sales using Amazing Radio Playlists

    Why Amazing Radio Is Amazing For Devlopers Artists and Listeners What amazing radio says about the audio streaming service How I find Amazing Radio Playlists As A Developer When I started developing a website community for guitarists for co-author Jimmy Fleming and myself. Jimmy had been looking for a way to sell his own music […]