Some Negative Effects of Oversleeping

  • 6 min read

Evaluating the Negative Effects of Oversleeping You need sleep to prevent heart problems and depression and increase your concentration and productivity. But while everyone talks about the dangers of insufficient sleep, people rarely mention how oversleeping affects you. Besides harming your health, sleeping too much could signal underlying conditions. While it’s fine to sleep in once in a while, you… 

Using Music Theory VS Instinctively Playing

  • 3 min read

Music Theory I cannot proclaim to be good or bad. I personally am self-taught even out of the range of normal tuning. However, I have been asked my take on Theory and instruction by lessons VS. Going a road less traveled.  I do remember an interview with Larry  Coryell where he had stated he kept in his guitar case a note reminding him every… 

Graph Showing Google Trends For Keyword research

5 Effective Strategies Google Trends for Keywords Research

  • 5 min read

There’s no better way to predict client needs than understanding their internet searches. From socialmedia pages to official websites, any company serious about staying in business should master keywordresearch. However, you cannot guess keywords and use them in your content; you need dedicated SEOtools to know what users ask. That way, you can post relevant answers on your website and…