• Can’t sleep because of drunk people online

    If it’s people coming back from the pub you can just shout out your window “free beer down the road” and hope they all head away from your home. Other than that you can do very little else but ignore them and get on with what you are Doing. But these are just drunken people […]

  • Eating Very Little Losing your appetite

    Simply not getting enough to eat Have you ever felt your stomach bloating after eating very little?. While many complain about eating too much during lockdowns. People’s appetite during lockdowns can vary. While some complain about binge eating during lockdowns they can have the opposite effect on others who have started to eat way too […]

  • Cortisol Levels? The Stress Hormone

    All you need to know about Cortisol Stress Hormone The body uses hormones for numerous processes, for example, development, cognitive performance, temperature regulation, and mood control. However, some hormones like the stress hormone only come alive during stress. So, what is the hormone for and why is it produced? It’s a natural steroid hormone secreted […]

  • Linktree vs. Personal Domain: Comparison?

    About and What is Linktree? Linktree has risen in popularity since its establishment in 2016. The idea behind the website was to ease communication between Instagram users. According to co-founder Alex Zaccaria, constantly changing Instagram bio links had become tiring for Zaccaria and his team of artist managers. Other users shared similar sentiments. For starters, […]

  • Google Trends for Keywords Research 5 Strategies

    There’s no better way to predict client needs than understanding their internet searches. From social media pages to official websites, any company serious about staying in business should master keyword research. However, you cannot guess keywords and use them in your content; you need dedicated SEO tools to know what users ask. That way, you […]

  • Tips for Choosing a ShareASale Merchant

    Anyone looking to monetize their website must have heard of affiliate marketing. This advertisement model rewards marketers for driving traffic and sales to a merchant’s website. There are many affiliate networks you can consider for passive income. One of them is ShareASale. Established in 2000, this Illinois-based affiliate company has multiple offers for marketers. The […]

  • Boost Emotional Resilience 3 Toolbox Tips

    Life isn’t a straight line. From breakups and health issues to bereavement and academic failures, life is bound to bring you down. But people handle situations differently. While some remain strong in the face of adversity, others take the slightest disappointments to heart. Not to worry, however, emotional resilience is an acquired trait. Emotional Resilience […]

  • ShareASale Affiliate: Why You Should Choose It Over Amazon Associates

    Online shopping has made tremendous growth over the years. According to Nasdaq, eCommerce will account for 95% of purchases come 2040. The good news is that website owners can leverage online shopping benefits through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing entails promoting goods and services by sharing a traceable link with your visitors. However, affiliate programs aren’t […]

  • Understand RPM and RCPM And Its Importance

    Get to Understand RCPM and eCPM and why it is Important If you want to make more from Adsense. The first step is to understand the reports and channels RPM and RCPM ads are often confused as there are sometimes you earn without clicks but this does not happen very often for most niches. What is the […]

  • Link Whisper Free

    This is a tool I use for WordPress to build internal links and I have been using the link whisper free plugin for a few months on my WordPress websites including this site justkeepdistance.com. So I am including making a video of using the plugin to build internal links error message: err_connection_timed_out (code=-118).. Just say […]