ShareASale Affiliate: Why You Should Choose It Over Amazon Associates

ShareASale Affiliate: Why You Should Choose It Over Amazon Associates

Share a sale affiliate types
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Online shopping has made tremendous growth over the years. According to Nasdaq, eCommerce will account for 95% of purchases come 2040. The good news is that website owners can leverage online shopping benefits through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing entails promoting goods and services by sharing a traceable link with your visitors. However, affiliate programs aren’t equal. If you’re in the eCommerce space, chances are you’ve heard about ShareASale. But is ShareASale legit, and how does it compare to Amazon?

Introducing ShareASale

This is an affiliate network that emerged in 2000. Commerce; electronics, health, books; you name it, ShareASale welcomes merchants from different niches. As such, you can find products that meet your visitors’ needs. ShareASale connects two types of audiences. The first one is merchants that remit commissions for every unit of their sold products.

The second category is affiliates that sell goods on behalf of the business owners. Affiliates can choose how they want to promote the products and the merchants they wish to work with. Moreover, ShareASale displays the affiliate’s real-time earnings and stats.

Cookie Duration

Cookies are values that identify site visitors and monitor affiliate referrals on a user’s device. As such, the cookie duration represents how long a cookie lasts on a client’s computer after following a publisher’s link.

This means affiliates can only earn a commission if purchases occur before the cookie’s expiry. Assuming someone clicks on the link but doesn’t buy right away, you can still earn a commission if the purchase happens within the cookie’s validity.

ShareASale has a 30-day cookie. On the other hand, Amazon’s 24-hour cookie policy is shorter than other programs, limiting the affiliate’s earning potential. This period can extend to 90 days for goods that enter carts within 24 hours. However, one day might be enough to make a purchase decision.

Amazon’s Negative Impact on Small Businesses

Though shoppers commend Amazon’s convenience, small enterprises blame this platform for ruining their businesses. For starters, businesses decry unhealthy competition because of Amazon’s low prices. Amazon is marred by tax evasion accusations. Additionally, Amazon produces cheaper versions of bestselling products and markets them as top-rated brands.

CEO Jeff Bezos is also at the center of a superyacht scandal involving a historical bridge. Bezos’ yacht, which is currently under construction in the Netherlands, might be too big to pass through the Koningshaven bridge. As such, locals have vowed to stop the demolition of the 100-year bridge by throwing eggs at the yacht.

High ShareASale Commissions

Amazon commissions range between 1% and 10%, making them some of the lowest affiliate rates. ShareASale offers higher commissions depending on the program. Some examples include:

  • Fifty percent commission for every Thrive Health sale
  • Seventy-five percent commission for every Ritual Women’s Health sale
  • Eighty percent commission for every Click Meter Sale

ShareASale offers the following income models.

  • Pay Per Lead: Payments occur when your affiliate link prompts visitors to complete a lead capture form. 
  • Pay Per Click: Commissions come from the ad clicks on your website.
  • Pay Per Sale: Visitors have to follow the direct link on your site and make a purchase for you to earn a commission.

When it comes to remittances, Amazon takes 60 days while ShareASale pays monthly on the 20th. Assuming the 20th is a weekend, you’ll receive your commission the following Monday. Moreover, ShareASale offers a variety of payment options, from physical checks to Payoneer and direct deposits. Similarly, ShareASale lets you submit tax forms through your account.

Personalized Support

The ShareASale customer service offers a personalized experience through an account manager. This is unlike Amazon Associates which receives queries through an online form.

Moreover, ShareASale uses its blog to make announcements and post trending topics. You can avoid constant communication with the ShareASale customer service team by working with responsive companies. You can ask merchants about payouts and declined applications by contacting them directly from your account.

ShareASale is User-Friendly

The ShareASale dashboard is easy to navigate, even as a beginner. Upon logging in, you can see your commissions, recent activity, and recommendations for new affiliate programs. ShareASale also offers custom settings. You could design product pages, download banners, and make custom links. Again, ShareASale improves your performance with tools like Home Page Mapping and breadcrumb links.

Not forgetting the simple ShareASale sign-up requirements. Here’s how to sign up for this affiliate program.

  1. Go to the ShareASale website and select “Affiliate Sign Up”
  2. Enter your username and secure password
  3. Input your website details
  4. Provide an email address
  5. Add your contact details and payment information
  6. Accept the terms and conditions 

Multiple Income Avenues

You can earn from ShareASale without a website. For instance, you could consider social media for your marketing efforts, starting with Facebook which supports written content, videos, and images. You can also use Instagram for a stronger visual appeal or Twitter for succinct marketing.

Another option is YouTube. You can advertise your associated products to audiences who use YouTube to source information. You could also take advantage of online forums. You can find communities in your preferred niche and become one of the more active members. Users are more likely to click on your links if you accompany them with helpful advice.

Not forgetting email marketing. Emails provide a direct connection to your readers, allowing you to pick the best tone for each one of them. The best part is you can segment your audience. For instance, you can send separate emails to cold leads, warm leads, and past customers. Remember, you can complement the affiliate links on your site with widgets and banners. Placing banners on sidebars or elsewhere on the website increases their visibility and boosts click-through rates.


Thanks to the clear ShareASale sign-up requirements, earning passive income has never been easier. The affiliate network allows bloggers, digital marketers, and other content creators to promote their favorite products and make money while at them. Are you using ShareASale? Describe your experience with this affiliate program in the comments.