Do we really need tech products like these? buying useless products

In an earlier post I wrote about spending and saving in lockdown. In one part of the post I talked about spending on electronics and tech in lockdown. These products seem to fit in to the category of useless products that made millions.

But how many of these kinds of products do we really need a toilet seat that lights up it may be useful but do you really need it. In a hotel or guesthouse probably as the bedroom will be unfamiliar but if you don’t know your way to the bathroom in your own house you could have problems that I can’t help you with.

Useless products like Crappy chargers that lights up as you charge your phone or device.

It looks cool to some especially to the product creator or the person that likes buying useless products. Who is making lots of money from a unnecessary product deserves a medal.I think it could be quite distracting and a little dangerous around people with photosensitive epilepsy. Also it’s using power as it charges so would it now give the lights priority power over the charging device.