What do you write on a contact page besides this is where you get in touch with the website owner.

If you would like to contact me the blog owner please do so in this form below. I also welcome guest posts with a maximum of 2 deep links and a link to your homepage. Posts must be at least 300 words for more than 1 link and anything over 600 words can have 2 deep links. You may exit the mobile version to use the contact feature. Share your work in a blog post should you wish so long it’s legit. This is a thin content page but the rest of my site seems to be doing well if you wish to guest post here so tell me about your story or how we can connect.

I like to keep my feed to summary it stops scrapers and 10 posts per page it reads better.

I spend most of my time getting the technical side of the site right when I should be creating content.

give any tips on these topics what is a progressive web app?

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