• ShareASale Affiliate: Why You Should Choose It Over Amazon Associates

    Online shopping has made tremendous growth over the years. According to Nasdaq, eCommerce will account for 95% of purchases come 2040. The good news is that website owners can leverage online shopping benefits through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing entails promoting goods and services by sharing a traceable link with your visitors. However, affiliate programs aren’t […]

  • Can’t sleep because of drunk people online

    If it’s people coming back from the pub you can just shout out your window “free beer down the road” and hope they all head away from your home. Other than that you can do very little else but ignore them and get on with what you are Doing. But these are just drunken people […]

  • Eating Very Little Losing your appetite

    Simply not getting enough to eat Have you ever felt your stomach bloating after eating very little?. While many complain about eating too much during lockdowns. People’s appetite during lockdowns can vary. While some complain about binge eating during lockdowns they can have the opposite effect on others who have started to eat way too […]

  • Link Whisper Free

    This is a tool I use for WordPress to build internal links and I have been using the link whisper free plugin for a few months on my WordPress websites including this site justkeepdistance.com. So I am including making a video of using the plugin to build internal links error message: err_connection_timed_out (code=-118).. Just say […]

  • Thinking Too Much Strategy To Complete A Task

    Even before I started looking into “Thinking Too Much Strategy” I came across an article on Forbes about the topic of using too much strategy in completing a task. So what did I gain from the article personally nothing because I just looked at it and know is probably the type of article most people […]

  • Making Better Creative Writing Story Introductions

    Writing is something that everyone has done before, whether for school, work or for the simple pleasure of it. When it comes to creative writing, however, you notice there are far fewer people who do this line of work. Why exactly is that? What makes creative writing different from other types of work? First of […]

  • Brass Ring For Link Wray Hall Of Fame

    The Quest for the inclusion of Link Wray in the Hall Of Fame Cleveland What if you could go back in time to hear Abraham Lincoln’s famous Orations? What if you could smell the smoke of gun powder at one of the final battles of the Civil War and know you had the experience of […]

  • Supporting a Mental Health Patient Who Doesn’t Want Help

    One in four individuals will battle a mental disorder in their lifetime. This is according to a 2001 WHO report. Some of these patients could be your friends or close relatives. Watching a loved one suffer from a mental illness is heartbreaking. It’s even worse when the patient is unaware of their condition or adamant […]

  • Being a Better Blogger and Networker

    How to become a better blogger and networker is a common question for website and blog owners. When people read a top blog normally headed by some marketing guru if easy to think that it is a solo gig. this is not a top blog as I have a habit of not networking with other […]

  • Boost Views And Listens By Adding Good Media Descriptions

    While blog posts and websites can be easily found in search engines when optimized correctly. It is another problem with media such as video, images, music, and podcasts. Without good media descriptions, many great music tracks and good visual content can never be found in search engines. Here is what to do with your audio […]