Eating Very Little Losing your appetite

Simply not getting enough to eat

Have you ever felt your stomach bloating after eating very little?. While many complain about eating too much during lockdowns. People’s appetite during lockdowns can vary. While some complain about binge eating during lockdowns they can have the opposite effect on others who have started to eat way too little in lockdown. One of the reasons for appetite loss during lockdown could be depression. Sometimes due to the fact you are wrapped up in finding social interaction so much, you forget to eat. So how do you start getting back to eating a healthy amount of food daily in however do seek medical advice? should you think you need it.

eating very little
Eating very little just Two pieces of black bread.

I personally would be visiting people and get the smell of food and my appetite would increase or I might get an idea from what friends are cooking. There is also the problem that anxiety triggers appetite loss. For some appetite can improve when going to the supermarket to get ingredients for your recipes. But facing large queues to get a few simple foodstuffs. I find it especially stressful as I am a little impatient. This leads to appetite loss, especially in lockdown.

Having Foods that are easy to eat if you are Losing your appetite during lockdowns

Another thing is not having foods that I would like to eat or that are fast and easy to prepare. Having quick and easy foods to eat is always a good way to get your appetite going again. Once the appetite is lost it’s not much good to put on a lump of roast beef on the table if you are not able to eat a slice. So as bad as they can be healthwise. Convenient and quick foods are not always the healthiest option but anything is better than nothing. Here are some foods that might get your appetite back to normal that are quick and easy.

Types of foods that I like to eat when my appetite is very bad

Canned Fish

Canned fish is one of the things I can easily eat especially mackerel which has lots of Iron and Vitamin D which you will be losing out on in lockdowns since you are not out in the sunshine as much and your appetite during lockdowns has changed.


While some yogurts like Greek yogurt are filling sugary yogurts can actually make you feel even hungrier later so they are handy to have around especially if you feel like you are hungry but no energy to cook.


Lots of different options with cheese and it’s full of protein and easy to eat be it on it’s own or with bread or crackers

Microwave meals
quick foods can be quality

These get a lot of bad publicity but you can get some very wholesome microwavable meals and you will have something quick and easy. Try finding freshly cooked instead of frozen meals if possible. There are many wholesome premade meals in most supermarkets these days.

Eggs high in protein and easy to eat

Easy to prepare and tasty be it boiled, Scrambled, poached, or in an omelet always handy to have in your home and very protein-rich.

Tinned Soups and Stews

Maybe not the healthiest of choices however just a few minutes on the hob or in the microwave with some bread and you have an easy-to-eat meal that is quite filling.

Cooked and Sliced Meats when Eating Very Little

Be it a classic cheese and ham toasties as a snack or put into an omelet you can even mix in with some pasta and sauce

So these are just some things I have around to get my appetite back to normal again how about you do you have a favorite when you have to eat but can’t. Tell us in the comment section below what you think about the best foods are when you are Losing appetite during lockdowns.