Socially Distant Interaction Tips

socially distant interaction having a meal
For Christmas Diner 2020 people had it socially distant on skype

Socially Distant Interaction Socializing with others: Is your only option on Social Media?

Because of social distance restrictions, many people will only get to see their loved ones on a screen. This is the alternative to socially distant interaction we have at the moment as we are trying to keep socially distant. Now people are completely dependent on Facebook, Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype to see each other even at Christmas and other special occasions.

However, if this is your only option to have any kind of socially distant interaction with others you do not want to be too dependent on a single platform or risk apps and software breaking when you need them most like they mostly do ask anyone that ever done a presentation they will tell you “Technology does go wrong when needed the most”. So here are 10 things you could do before you get started with a video link call to make Video chats run more smoothly and make your socially distant interaction a pleasant experience with fewer disconnections.

Update your Apps on your Phone or Computer Before Socially Distant Interaction.

This will make sure that everything will be smoother running and hopefully, everything should run more efficiently just remember to create a backup first.

Clean your Computer or Phone

Well, you can clean it physically first also if needed last thing you need is a big smudge of gravy on your camera when talking to people.

Clear your Browser Cache and History

These things slow down your system so it might be a good idea to clean them up before video conferencing on one of the Internet’s busiest days of the year.

Create A Folder For Pictures or Files you are going to Share

You don’t want to search your phone or computer for pictures and videos when trying to talk to someone so have everything you think you will want to share in a folder of its own for easy access.

Restart your Router

Not only is this good internet security practice but restarting your router can fix many internet connectivity problems you may have from time to time.

Remove Unused Apps fro your Phone

All you need is some memory or data hog of an app using up your device when you need a free flowing connection so it might be a good time to rethink what apps you actually use on your phone to help it run smoother when needed.

Stop Auto-start programs and notifications

When you start your computer sometimes applications run that you don’t really need at the time like sync or a printer program. Depending on your operating system you can use something like CCleaner and in the settings disable some of these which mostly are unneeded and when running are using much-needed memory and network resources.

Create A List of Things To Talk About or Just Mention

This will help things run in a more flowing way if you have a few points that you wish to mention it could help with uncomfortable silences. Even have a few emergency Jokes to break the Ice depending on if they have a sense of humour or the type of humour they have.

Set speaking Time Limits if needed

Do you want to say hello and goodbye or go into an in-depth conversation about Brussels sprouts have enough to talk about but try not to bore people to an early death.

Turn off other devices using your Wifi

Maybe you have many devices around the house using the internet see what you can turn off to keep the internet connection less congested. I hope this can make your video conferencing or when you are doing any other video chats easier.