Day One Techie Stuff and Deciding A Topic

9 Letters Scrabble

I am not a complete hermit, but I have decided that with all these lockdowns that I am better off being away for people. As I have done some blogging before I decided to get back doing a self hosted blog to pass more time by myself.

Normally I go to friends but now visiting people is gone so boring as they are doing the same thing as many do now which is gaze at a mobile device. What this blog is going to be about I am still quite unsure as in my previous blogs it was mostly tutorial stuff I might include some of that also some humor and a few other things.

But for day one I am just going to do some warm up writing a rant is the easiest way to get the fingers and mind moving just like the warm up exercises you see guitarists doing before they jam.

One of the reasons I do wish to get back into blogging is actually not just the writing part of it but I love all the tech side of things like the coding and doing little edits with my theme. However some things involved can be really annoying like setting up a fresh site as many of these things that are supposed to work never seem to and as for google they are constantly changing their user interfaces not to mention launching stuff and then ending it’s life cycle google play music is just an example many users of who had to transfer to YouTube music if you haven’t here is how you do that in this short video on how to transfer all your Google play music to YouTube music.

How To Move From Play Music to YouTube Music

I just put that video in because I will be doing similar content later in the blog along with a few other topics as mentioned about as learning to do something is one way to keep to yourself and distance from others.

Anyway that’s my Day one rant I am half blind here now at 1.30 am after installing and configuring this to get this blog running there was also a little decision making on my theme I quite like this one it’s called Button and is one of the free WordPress themes I will use it, for now, I say that because I changed my theme quite frequently on my old blogs this is what the button WordPress they look like anyway if you want to try it on your own site

Button Theme

Anyway, if you want you can subscribe and if not you don’t have to bit I hope you got something from this post and I will post more things on here in the future.