Questions to ask before buying blog content


For many reasons you may start thinking about buying blog content. But before you hand over any money for blog posts these are some questions to ask yourself.

Can you write the blog content yourself and save money?

We all go through stages of writer’s block but sometimes we need to get something published. So if you forced yourself could you not write the blog post yourself?. Then there are times that we are too busy to concentrate on a single blog post. We could be working on side projects or just generally do not have the time which is fine.

Is it morally wrong to buy blog content?

No it is far from morally wrong even writers can buy blog content to spare them time to work on other projects. If you have a specific nice topic. And you feel you can’t write about then why not just buy the content it’s good for your subscribers. You need sometimes to stop thinking just blogger but also blogger and publisher.

What is the goal of the post you are willing to pay for?

So you have chosen to buy a blog post and you are now wondering what do you want the post to achieve. Is it more traffic, social media followers or sales even all three of them. What do you think if it was published would get you what you wanted from the blog post.

Is the blog content you are buying of value to your website?

Just say you paid $40 for an article on your blog. Would that paid blog post bring you back the $40 eventually through blog revenue?. Will the blog content improve your seo campaign with the content keywords?.

How much are you willing to pay when buying blog content?

You can get short blog posts on fiver and sites like ebay for about $7 then other sites like Semrush marketplace you could pay $300 for a 5000 word article.

Will the article you bought bring more traffic sales followers?

Most people just want more of whatever. So will this bring you more of the traffic you wanted or social media followers even sales.

Can you give feedback on the content you purchased.

Never buy content if you feel you can’t provide feedback on and if you do then close the comments.

Have I bought content for this blog from semrush content marketplace or another site?

For this blog I have not bought any content from semrush content marketplace as it’s not focused to a defined business need and they are quite expensive. However I have bought an article from content gather who give good rates for writers and buyers of articles. I have a post on this blog that was written about password managers requirements which I bought for a little more than $9 however I did have to add a few headings. Have a read of it and see if it was worth it. Another blog post I bought was on fiverr which I got rewritten about best recipe sites and apps for $11 as fiverr takes a fee it’s not $5. Do you think these blog posts were worth it? I think they are because it saved me time on article research but you may differ in your opinion.

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