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Use Smaller Social Bookmarking sites to Get Traffic

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Getting on the front page of Digg or sites like Stumble upon is a near Impossible Task for Most Bloggers, but if you were to join a Smaller Social Bookmarking site and become one of the most active Members you can easily get 100 visitors a Day by being on the Front Page.

The trick is being active and comment and visit the sites that are submitting posts when you visit them you are showing these other Blogs that getting traffic from the smaller social bookmarking sites is easier than getting traffic from Digg. This will encourage them to visit the site more often and you will be on the front page as one of the Top members.

One of the better social bookmarking sites that I use is Shetoldme and I regularly get traffic because, as I am an active commentator my profile is on the front page. This is also so because the Visitors see that I am active on the site and will wonder what I am doing and visit my profile and Homepage or the Articles that I have submitted


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