Not in the Mood for Writing Blog Prompts

These are some things I would like to read. I am giving a few prompts and what I would like to read about them maybe you have a similar post tell us in the comments. You can also make additional blog promts in the comments.

How to increase engagement on twitter for non business blogs

An everyday person not a business how do they get more interaction on twitter?. Is there topics that they should be tweeting about lists to follow or other ways they can increase engagement?

Blogging without a niche and how to do it in 2021.

Lots of niche blogs out there buy what about random blogs have you some unique advice for such blogs?

Finding the perfect groups on Facebook for Bloggers

Most groups are just full of other bloggers how do you reach readers in facebook groups?. Have you found the perfect facebook group to promote your blog posts or give you good blog prompts for articles to write why not share it with your readers.

How to get more instagram traffic when you don’t have many photos?

I never really used instagram because I don’t have many interesting photos to share so how do I do this?

Does google prefer blogs without comments enabled?

Most of my searches end up on websites without comments maybe google does not like comments anymore

How many is too little to write the minimum words for a short blog post

photos as blog prompts
If you wrote about plants there is many possible posts in this image

This is going to be a short blog post but it’s worth adding a little fluff to make a blog post fit the theme. This photo alone has many types of trees if you wrote about trees. Photos are great blog prompts as you can talk about the image and things in the picture. You could also write about the camera settings or the camera you used for the image as a blog post prompt.

The 10 Silliest Yahoo! Questions About Twitter or Facebook

Just 10 of the silliest questions on a topic you found.

10 Easy To Forget Tricks About Facebook

Settings, Sharing tips or User Management to start

The Simplest Advice About Instagram You Could Ever Give

What helped you do better on Instagram?

8 Facts About Google That You Never Knew

Google has amazing features like distance converting and many other features. Maybe share company facts also.

Just swap around the keyword if you want to make a post and share it here in the comments or write some of these blog prompts .