A few weeks ago I was on Reddit looking for some blog post inspiration. When I saw a thread about an app that can help improve happiness I looked into it and was inspired. So after trying the app I have my monthly stats and my reflection on what the numbers mean to myself and maybe others reading this post. Yes, there were some good days and some bad days as in anyone’s life but overall happier.

A happy application in your life a happier app

I realized I was bored hanging out by myself and it would give me a mood swing. So the best thing to do for your own happiness is not to tell the happyer app you are feeling happy when you are not happy. That is unless you want to climb the leaderboard in the app.

Most of the things I have been doing have been positive or productive and that makes me happier. I am not the type of person that sits too close to the TV. I prefer to be on a computer, playing my guitar, or doing dumb stuff online. The minus points you see in the image -2.50 at 9.21 was mostly because I have been stuck at home and can’t have due to current travel distance recommendations of 5km.

use app become happy
Mood swings

So the app say I am happier and I feel I am happy enough

As you can see I have mostly been happy but “Denial is not only a river in Egypt”. Sorry had to write that bad joke. But you have to be honest with the happier app for it to work with you and becoming happier.

Happier using an app
So I have being doing good in general happiness

It’s a long road to true happiness and the happy app may help you become Happier using an app

I know true happiness is a long road and sometimes it can be actually lonely. But if you have to stay alone then spend your time alone doing productive things. Here are a few things you can start doing now but below is the interface of the happier app that has been recently updated.

These are the categories used

Top Activities, Top Friends, Time influence, Happiness Impact, Happier Streak, and the leaderboard.

happy application

So after using the app I feel like I am actually happier and it’s free so why not give it a try go to the playstore link or the app store and download “happyer” free