When I went back to blogging again there was something I knew was going to take a lot of time doing, and that was spending too much time in the search console or are you not spending enough time in the search console?.

Looking at data in excess is a habit of course but I had been stuck worrying about http:// errors in the search console since I used the https:// redirect months ago. So at least my page experiences are all good whatever that means to google next update in a blog post.

It’s a lot of reading to do so that is why bloggers do that for you like Neil who gives tips on all this kind of stuff I don’t stick to one topic all the time on this blog and like to play around with SEO tools.

But I also do that for other people when they ask here are some of the issues and errors I was trying to overcome in the lighthouse. Mobile visitors automatically go to the amp version and it has indexed apm pages.

And this is how they are a moment later because I checked the amp version which will auto redirect anyway.

This is the amp version

So should I leave it so as it should be a good user experience? I can’t really do much about the speed index without more expensive hosting but they don’t directly affect the performance score. That is for now like many in the lab tools so it’s good to keep an eye on them.

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