What to do when you are waiting ?. Ever wake up too early have to sit around waiting sometimes? Looking for Things to do when waiting?. You can start just completing things you can just get done there and then here are a few to guide you through the waiting period.

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Completing things when you can just getting things done.

Start approaching your tasks like a computer. A list of steps to finish a task is called an algorithm in computing terms sometimes you have to start thinking like a computer and apply it to your life to get tasks done this includes waiting.

When you are stuck at home waiting

Sunny out go cut your lawn or wash your windows or if it’s raining wash your driveway

What you can do when you are waiting for food to cook

Washing up stuff you have used while you wait for food to cook to save doing it later. Clean around your kitchen or do a mental stocktake of the food you have in your fridge and use one of these recipes searches for ingredients you have to make later.

Write down things you want to get done when waiting

Take notes of things you need to do before you forget them put them in place you will reread them even use your phone to take notes. You may be waiting on a dental appointment but there may be other things you need to do later that you may not have thought about.

When you want to get things do but they make too much noise

While it’s a little too early for guitar practice I am currently listening to a backing track in an app. So currently I am learning the key of cm by ear besides I woke up way too early and will be wanting to go back to bed when everything is open. So I don’t really want to start doing any practice just yet but working on something related to a task might be something you can get done while you wait.

Cleaning your computer or phone while you wait.

You will be surprised with the number of pocket photos unused apps and other junk you may have on your phone or computer. Clean them and even physically clean your devices to improve performance and security by updating or removing apps and software you use or never use.

Doing things you have yet to compleate while you wait.

Are there things that you could get done that could be completed while you wait?. This blog post is currently 420 words I could be adding more to it if I was waiting. What do you add to this list of things to do when waiting?

What things to do when waiting for job offer

Keep applying for other jobs depending on the importance of the job no job is worth waiting for too long.

What to do while waiting for unemployment

Think about the ways you manage your spending and savings until you can find a new job. If you need help consider chatting with a nonprofit to help you get by until you receive your benefits.

Play google search games a thing to do when waiting

Did you know Google has hidden games in search? If you type into Google “Flip a Coin” or Google “Pac-Man” you can play those games directly in your browser is a thing to do when waiting. I have linked to them so you don’t have to google them yourself.

Do you really have to be doing anything instead of just waiting?

One of the best things to do when waiting is to enjoy the moment if you have a busy lifestyle or just increase productivity online.

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  1. Alex Chivers Avatar

    Things to do whilst waiting. I think I’ve also got things to do personally but doing them is something else completely. I do keep a list though of what to do important things and other things just to push the envelope a bit. For example, in my most recent list did I wrote schedule 5 posts on Twitter and put an ad on craigslist. I think keeping a schedule is important. You seem to have some good ideas though I will give you that.