best backing track app

Best App For Backing Tracks Backtrackit

While others may claim to be the best backing track app this is my favorite backing track app I have used to play along with my guitar along with an ad-free circle of 5ths app that I wrote about earlier. Backtrack features many genres of music and is not just for guitarists but also singers, drummers bassists, and piano players. Another great thing about it just stops when you close it completely but it will play in the background.

best backing track app
choose backing tracks for many styles of music

Why I find backtrack it one of the best backing track app players for practicing music.

The app allows me to download many styles of musical backing tracks which are available for free on the app. Ranging from jazz to thrash metal. All you need to do is pick a backing track style of music and download it then download the chords and scales for guitar or keyboard and piano. The just start jamming along I usually plug my phone into the aux cable of my fender champion 20 and adjust the volume accordingly.

Features of the App

  • Admittance to support tracks (jam tracks) of various classes and see their harmony movement while playing! Predetermined number of tracks is accessible For nothing while the rest can be opened by moving up to the Top notch adaptation.
  • Distinguish and shift the key and rhythm of any of your tunes!
  • Lessen the main instrument volume in the tune.
  • Progressed Equalizer for an incredible sound encounter. Set aside to 5 custom presets.
  • Progressed Circling, exact choice and ability to save circles.
  • Save the melody with your changes: new beat, key and EQ settings!
  • Metronome of any timing scheme and rhythm.
  • Singing Activities: the Application will play arbitrary notes that you need to sing accurately. The Application will show you in case you’re hitting the note impeccably or not!
  • The Application will sort the entirety of your tunes as indicated by their key or rhythm.
  • Guitar/Piano showcase of 32 melodic scales (Major, Dorian, Hungarian Gypsy…)
  • Guitar/Piano showcase of 30 kinds of harmonies.
  • Fret Fanatic is upheld: live harmony movements will be considered your guitar fretboard straightforwardly!

Mostly Free with a few paid backing tracks

Backtrackit’s unique sponsorship tracks are helping a huge number of performers improve their ad-lib abilities through its special “Live Harmony Movement” mode. You can see the harmony movement illustrated on the guitar fretboard or piano where the notes of the current harmony are featured. In case you’re a fledgling or a high-level player, sticking to these tracks will assist you with building up a more noteworthy feeling of music and ad-lib abilities.

Backing Tracks Classifications:

  • Rock jam tracks
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Metal/Hard Rock without drums
  • Pop
  • Surrounding
  • Traditional style music backing tracks
  • EDM
  • Hip Bounce
  • Tanpura
  • Just the Drums
  • Tracks with No-Drums
  • Backing Tracks with No-Bass
  • Backing tracks in every musical key

In parts of the video, the volume gets very high, so I just switched the audio track for my video on youtube.

Backing track in musical keys

select track in musical keys

Set what type of musician you are bassist, drummer ect

Find the best drum backing track or best bass backing track along with other instruments in the app such as piano, violin, bass guitar backing tracks, and singing backing tracks in various keys.

backing tracks for all types of musicians

How to use the backing track app video

Some of the features of the app can be seen in this short video I made for the backing track app. However, I forgot to show the chord looper and built-in metronome

Where can you download this app

Where Is the app available to download? You can download backtrakit app here It’s a much better way to learn the guitar than apps like yousisian and other guitar apps so give it a try it’s a free backing track app and worth paying for the premium version if you need the full features of the app.