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Using these Recipe Finder With Ingredients apps and websites will help not to eat the same food time and again as it can get boring. But you can try to spice things up by trying something new. The best part? You do not have to spend hours in queues shopping for groceries; you can create new amazing recipes using the same ingredients you have at home with these recipe finders by ingredients you have at hand.  

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How do you do this? Simple – by using apps and websites to find recipes by ingredients Here are the ingredient-based recipe WordPress and apps to find what to make with the food you have in apps and Websites Recipe finders By Ingredients on hand

Developers of these apps and websites have a single goal – to help you find the recipe for the perfect meal, using the ingredients in your fridge and cupboard. So, rather than spend all day wondering what you can make with those ingredients, you can hop on the app and find recipes using an app or directly on the websites. 

The best part? You can also access practical video tutorials and nutritional information for different recipes. Let’s look at a few of these apps and websites to make a meal with what you have. Find a website or app that finds recipes with ingredients you have in this list including apps for ingredients you have at home.

1. SuperCook Recipe Finder an app for ingredients you have

recipe finder by ingredients app and website like supercook

A great recipe finder by ingredients app and website SuperCook is a creative recipe finder search engine where you can get recipes for a wide range of ingredients. With over 1 million recipes to choose from, the platform is one of the largest recipe search tools online. 

The first step is to select the ingredients you have in stock by tapping on your screen. Alternatively, you can use the mic option and mention the ingredients. Then the app provides the recipes the selected ingredients can make. 

Asides from finding recipes using ingredients, you can also create shopping lists, create a list of personalized recipes, or use filters to streamline the recipe recommendations based on your dietary needs. 

Download the SuperCook app here. 

2. app for ingredients you have

AllRecipes is great what can I make with these ingredients app. By installing this free app for ingredients you have in the cupboard. You have access to 1000’s recipes by ingredients on your mobile device.

Find the perfect app for ingredients you have
Step by step tutorial videos to create your meal.
The ability to create an in-app shopping list
Users can adjust the number of servings to avoid wasting food
Get nutritional info should you be concerned about what you eat.
Check out Dinner Spinner here

Not finding something to make on supercook and looking for an app like supercook. Allrecipes is another recipe finder by ingredients app is one app for ingredients you have to install on your device.

AllRecipes is another recipe app that catalogs and shares recipes. You can choose from a great collection of recipes, including photos of the finished products. When you create an account, you will be joining other 30 million home cooks who help cooks find new recipes and discuss the home cooking experience. 

You can search for recipes finder by ingredients app search using keywords, ingredients, or dietary needs or create a collection of your favorite recipes. There are detailed step-by-step videos to aid your cooking. Finally, you can share your great meal with friends on the platform and social media platforms. 

Download the AllRecipes app for free here. 

3. What Can I Make With… by Tesco search engine for ingredients you have

recipes by ingredients search engine by tesco

This online recipe finder tool from Tesco Real Food is designed to show users all the things they can make with the ingredients at hand. In some cases, the user may need to introduce a few new ingredients to create a recipe. For starters, users can input the ingredients they want to use up to get recipe suggestions. There is also a collection of recipes for users who want some form of inspiration to get started. Or check for foods that you may need to reduce long-term health problems like high cortisol levels.

Visit Tesco’s What Can I Make With… here.  

4. MyFridgeFood see what you can cooking using what you have in your fridge

Make tasty meals from your fridge food
Example Salsa Rice recipes by ingredients
An oldie but a goodie looks a little outdated however it’s fully functional and print friendly
but you can find many recipes with this website they also have an app on the play store and will soon be releasing an app for IOS. is a relatively old layout, but the functionality is excellent. The website is also user-friendly and allows users to access tons of recipes. You can either use the website or the mobile app available on only Google Playstore (for now). 

You can download the Android App here for free. 

5. Recipe Land recipes by ingredients

Recipe Search Engine recipe finder by ingredients app
A good search engine for recipes easily creates an account using your Facebook account or email for personification. You can search for recipes not only with but exclude foodstuffs you do not like from suggested recipes. Check out the search engine by clicking here started as a platform to share recipes. However, it has grown into a full-fledged platform with over 100,000 members to choose from over 50,000 recipes based on your ingredients. 

You can either search by title, by recipes, or by ingredient. The platform includes photos of each recipe and tips and secrets on what you can do with a particular set of ingredients. 

Follow this link to visit Recipe Land for more recipe ideas for the ingredients you have in the fridge. 

Other apps and websites for ingredients to mention

Kitchen stories is a search engine that allows filtering recipes by cooking times and has interesting stories around learning cooking with video lessons in a more visual and easy to follow less complex ways to cook meals.

Cookpad is a Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List  has a feature that allows snapping shots of all those ingredients you have with you and upload

Your favorite app ingredient recipe finder?

Did we miss out on any of your favorite recipe finder websites or apps? Let us know in the comments. You can also tell your experience with any of these apps or websites in the comments. Or maybe you have a new favorite meal from a recipe you found from these websites and apps tell us about it in the comments about your favorite app for ingredients you have. I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a try some of these recipe finders by ingredients apps and websites.


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  1. Hi Chris, Great post not personally heard of any of these apps but I bet they can give you some interesting ideas. Will have to check a couple of these out.

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  2. Thanks Alex. I found a really tasty recipe Creamy smoked salmon and lemon pasta recipe from the tesco site it was delicious and I had all the ingredients.