Being slim and sober is boring

God I hate being just plain slim and sober. This can be the dream of many and also as it is a problem for many it has become an opportunity for some. 

Well guess what being slim and sober is not all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes so stop thinking its a be all end all fantastic solution to success. Now I am starting to sound like most of the stuff that is pushed on people daily.
Is being slim and sober everything to you?.

I can’t make you slim and sober. I just might make you sober?

It could well be but you can’t let it overwhelm you, stop thinking for a minute and just eat and drink away. Enjoy that pizza and beer as worrying is maybe why you eat or drink too much. I used to worry about not eating enough because of drinking. Then some people are like me, and the beer is fine without the pizza. Abundant weight was never a problem for me. Most of the time I had to make meals with what I had and not my recipe.

But drinking one thing I did learn from it was when you drink you can never have enough. controlling your diet is not something you can do overnight but stopping drinking is especially if you are feeling ill. You don’t even have to stop just thinking about stopping is a start to stop.

Being sober is boring. When you are drinking all you have to worry about is if you have enough beer. When you are sober you are just paying bills and doing boring stuff like eating better.  Who knows it could be the answer to getting slim in some cases.

So that’s staying sober solved. I hope this helps you stay sober